Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Critical Mass comes to Dublin

If you've ever been in central London during critical mass you will have witnessed the streets filling with bicycles. It's a strange site to see as the cars, buses and taxis get pushed aside to make way for hundreds of bicycles.

Critical Mass has it's roots in San Fransisco. On September 25th 1992 48 cyclists attended the first ride. The numbers grew steadily and by January 1993 there were 500 cyclists attending. Other cities began to take notice and the movement has now spread worldwide.

17 years later to the day Dublin is to see it's first Critical Mass. Meeting at the gates of Stephens Green, (Grafton Street end) at 6pm the ride will take a scenic route around the city and along the canal. It promises to be a relaxed ride and that all are welcome even grandparents! If the weather is good there's going to be a picnic in the park afterwards.

We all know Dublin is a great cycling hub, since I've moved away I've missed the freedom of the city that cycling gave me. And luckily for all of us living in the country the Dublin Bike Scheme is launching almost 2 weeks before hand so we will be able to rent a bike for as little as €2!

I look forward to seeing some of you there.

For more information of the Critical Mass movement:
Critical Mass Info

*photos by Iain Cognito


  1. I'm in, I'm there, it will be my first critical mass in Dublin or else where for that matter, but I'm sure there are many about who will not be best pleased to hear all there previous Dublin Critical Masses went completely unnoticed?

  2. Great! There were other Dublin critical masses? Maybe it's because I live down the country that they've slipped by my attention.

  3. Critical masses have been happening in Dublin since 2001. At their peak (2002-2005), they used to take place on the last Friday of every month from Spring until Autumn (whenever the clocks changed) so that it would be bright.

    They died out over the past few years with only a few sporadic ones over the past few years. A Google search should bring up a few reports and event announcements on and other web-sites.

  4. Thanks for the info Anthony. Obviously a case of lazy googling on my behalf. Still looking forward to my first mass tomorrow.